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"Put your hands up in the sky! And wave them from side to side.
Show the world where we're from. Show the world that we're one!"
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English Stars collection

The collection of materials used by Philia and Kate in their classes. Enjoy!
Hello Song!
Super simple song that Kate uses for the intro.
Hello! How r u? I'm great!
Fruit Song
Happy Sunshine friends are apple, orange and pineapple, and other fruits

Five little monkeys

The hit from Kate's class - don't jump on your bed, friend!
"Let me introduce you to my party people!"

J. Lo

One little finger
Head, shoulders, knees & toes
Very Berry Strawberry

Sing with Philia
Mr. Sun
Tommy Thumb
Walking in the jungle
Incy Wincy Spider
Join our English circle
Old McDonald had a farm
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